ski & bike service

with the opening of the ski resorts


Having the ski perfectly prepared is just as important as the choice of ski.

There are various points/aspects which, combined together, make the ski safe and manageable at the same time.

Thanks to Gabriele's experience and precision/meticulousness in combination with our latest generation Jupiter Wintersteiger machinery, your ski will be finely and excellently processed.

You bring your ski by evening and the following morning they are ready to carve the serpentine and slopes with you.


If you think about it, a MTB/ebike is just as sophisticated as your car. For this reason, when you have to get involved, it is essential that you rely on a competent and experienced person.

You can bring your MTB/ebike for service, more than 30 points will be checked.
Furthermore, your Ebike will be updated to the latest signatures from its company (Shimano, Bosch, Brose, Fazua)