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NEWS WINTER 2022-2023


ski service

Ceramic Disc Finish means constant quality of the edges from the first to the last ski / snowboard. All produces skis and snowboards produced are delivered to the end customer with this type of processing.

WINTERSTEIGER Ceramic Disc Finsh guarantees high quality and repeatability of the result.



edges & TUNING



WINTERSTEIGER AG is an international machinery engineering group. Founded in 1953, it is a leading provider of innovative solutions for c fully automated service system for skis and snowboards.

Ceramic Disc Finish = constant quality of the edges 

advantages of Ceramic Disc Finish

  • Burr-free edges
  • Absolutely smooth and uniform surface of the edges
  • Roughness reduced to a minimum (comparable to a 1,200 grit)
  • Precise and long lasting angle
  • Adjustable tuning angle
  • Ease of processing / customization of the sheets (the do not oxidize)
  • Ceramic disc technology as used by  manufacturers

  • Easier to ski = more fun and faster learning
  • Greater grip on icy slopes = more safety
  • Long edge hold
  • Ease of conduction = CARVING effect

check your ski

The edges wear out very quickly, especially on icy or simply hard snow, but also on artificial snow which often has very sharp crystals.

Come and check its state of wear. Our staff is at your disposal.


The grinding of the base is one of the maintenance works that must be periodically carried out to maintain the perfect efficiency of the skis.

Normal wear due to friction wears the insole slowly and progressively, it is invisible in the initial stages. This wear is concentrated near the edges, in the area of greatest pressure or in the area under the bindings. This type of wear causes the base to lose its flatness, which gradually becomes "rounded." The base of a medium-high level ski always has a footprint, that is a series of small notches with a depth of 50 microns (5 thousandths of a millimeter, or 0.5 tenths of a millimeter), arranged in such a way as to generate a drawing / imprint.

When the "cancellation" of the impression occurs, the base must certainly be rectified.

Our SKI SERVICE will grind your ski with the WINTERSTEIGER stone grinding machine that allows you to accurately level the ski and recreate the footprint.

tuning and edges

The angle of the edges determine the behavior of the ski.

A small tuning angle leads to a more precise edge grip, but the ski is difficult to steer when cornering. In contrast, a ski with a very large tuning angle is easier to guide, but it tends to be less precise.

A smaller side angle leads to a sharper edge so that it tends to hold better on the ice, but is also more sensitive (since the edge is thinner at a sharper angle) and therefore the ski wears out faster.


Both skis and snowboards are made of porous materials: waxing allows you to fill the pores of the base to prevent the infiltration of dirt, so that the boards slide better on the snow, making the equipment more resistant over time.

binding adjustment according
to ISO standards

One of the most important components for safe skiing is the correct adjustment of the ski binding, to allow the release of the boot and thus avoid physical injury to the skier in case of a fall.
The ISO 11088 standard establishes the correct calibration value of the binding, based on personal parameters such as the weight, height, skill and age of the skier.

You will be asked for the adjustment parameters in order to calculate the release value to guarantee you a safe skiing.



 We adhere to all anti-Covid19 measures ordered by the Government to guarantee you a carefree holiday.
All environments, deposits and rental equipment are sanitized and disinfected after each use with certified products.