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Do you ever feel like you can't wait to go outdoors? You go out, you look around, your frame is an enchanting panorama, you feel the fresh air, you inhale deeply, the oxygen fills your lungs, you are ready to live and to enjoy the wonder that is around you.
Elisa e Gabriele - Passo Cigolade

We are both from Val di Fassa, when I was a child if I wasn't at school I was on skis or with my MTB in the kingdom of Gardeccia, a valley that leads straight into the heart of the famous Catinaccio. For me there was nothing more important and beautiful than going to discover new trails and new off-piste in the woods with my brother.

Elisa was following with the skis her father Marco, a ski instructor already at the age of 2. Once she put on her boots, it was difficult to take them off. Curve after turn, trying to copy every move. At the end of the winter she couldn't sit still, if she had to go somewhere Elisa never moved without her MTB.

in 2019 we decided together to quit our jobs to devote 

ourselves to what unites us: 



let you live an unforgettable experience in our beautiful Val di Fassa, let you find balance between body and mind by doing sporting activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or a fun sleigh ride among our extraordinary mountains. We want to put you back in touch with the gorgeous nature that surrounds us.

our values


We care about people with disabilities, which is why we offer ebikes for inclusive mobility, to allow everyone to have an ebike experience. Our shop is easily accessible for people with disabilities


The equipment you rent undergoes rigorous maintenance and checks every time.


When you experience incredible adventures with our equipmentl it's like part of us is there with you. Upon return we look forward to sharing your experience with us.


We like new things, which is why we have invested in particular innovative bike models such as light ebikes, junior ebikes, Gravel ebikes, cargo ebikes and tandems.


We are here for you, we put our maximum effort into it and try to respond to every need.

we are waiting for you in strada de Meida 106 – 38036 San Giovanni di Fassa

❤ you are warmly welcome ❤