The bikes are delivered in optimal conditions, however before leaving it is good to check that everything works, as on your return any damage could be charged to you.

The customer undertakes to respect the terms of return of the bike, to take care of it and to never leave it unattended.

Payment is made before the rental in cash or by card.
No deposit is required.

The customer assumes full responsibility for the rental bike and accessories.

In case of bicycle theft or damage to parts and accessories, the customer is required to refund.

terms and rental conditions

The lessee (client / group leader) of FASSA RENT equipment, whose signature appears on this contract, takes delivery of the bicycle and / or other equipment under the terms and conditions set out in this contract that the lessee accepts and undertakes to respect.
1. The customer assumes full responsibility for the rental equipment.
2. The bicycle and / or equipment must be returned in the opening hours and at the place of the rental point. If the customer does not respect the return times as agreed on the rental contract, a penalty of € 10 will be applied with a delay of less than 30 minutes, if the delay exceeds 30 minutes the penalty is equivalent to the amount of half-day rental.
3. Before taking possession of the bicycle and / or equipment, the lessee must make the payment.
4. By taking delivery of the equipment, the customer recognizes the equipment in good and efficient condition and declares to have checked it in advance; upon its return it will be checked again and in case of damage the customer has to pay for it.
5. The bicycle and / or equipment must be treated with care, common sense and diligence. The customer must use the equipment in such a way as to avoid damage, both to it and to its accessories.
6. The customer must respect the rules of the highway code, which he declares to know. The Lessor declines all responsibility in case of improper use of the equipment and failure to comply with the rules of the highway code.
7.The customer  declares by renting the bicycle and / or the equipment,  to have adequate capacity and appropriate competence without placing any reservations.
8. Any fact, damage or injury resulting from the circulation and use of the bicycle and / or equipment is attributable to the customer only. The customer is therefore responsible for damage caused during the use of the equipment to himself, to third parties, to things, to the bicycle and / or to the equipment. No form of compensation may be requested from the Lessor.
9. In the event of damage and / or breakages caused to the rented equipment, the customer will have to pay the damage caused which will be quantified by the lessor.
10. In the event of total breakage or theft, the material in question will be charged to the lessee according to the market value.
11. Replacement is possible during the duration of the contract with materials of different categories and values, with the difference being charged in the case of a higher category, but without reimbursement in the case of a lower category.
12. The use of bicycles is reserved for persons not under the age of 18 unless the minor is accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility for the minor.
13. The lessor may refuse the rental of the bicycle or accessories to a person not deemed able to ride it (pursuant to articles 186 and 187 of the Highway Code) or for other reasons and in any case at the sole discretion of the lessor.
14. The rental contract does not provide for the recovery of the equipment or of people. If this service is requested, the cost is € 30 per person / bike if the recovery takes place in Val di Fassa, otherwise a cost of € 2.00 per km traveled both outward and return is calculated. The equipment will be replaced exclusively at the FASSA RENT rental point, the customer undertakes to return the equipment to FASSA RENT strada de Meida 106 - San Giovanni di Fassa.
15. The early termination of the rental contract is possible by returning the material without any claims for reimbursement by the lessee.
16. Refunds are made exclusively for illness and / or injury by showing a regular medical certificate.
17. The signing of the rental contract by the customer presupposes the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of this regulation, of the aforementioned laws, of the prices, of the opening  hours of the rental point.