mountain bikers behaviour rules

you are guest of nature

  • Ride only on marked dirt roads and trails
  • Respect "no entry" and private property signs
  • Do not cross fields and pastures

pedestrians and hikers always have right of way

  • Signal your coming in advance
  • Moderate your speed depending on the different situation

do not leave traces of your passage

  • Avoid braking sharply and restarting (excessive soil erosin)
  • Do not leave rubbish

Respect the local FLORA and FAUNA

  • Avoid riding in protected areas and nature parks (such as swamps or fragile ecosystems)
  • Always close the pasture gates after your passage
  • Avoid excessive and disturbing noices
  • Do not scare the cattle and the wildlife

for your own safety

  • Plan your tour in advance
  • Check your equipment is in good conditions
  • Use always bike helmet
  • Do not overestimate your technical and physical capacity